How Tetra Pak Has Embraced Renewable Energy

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RE100 on the Rise

Did you know Europe and North Africa could run on 100% renewable energy by 2050? As foreign nations continue to invest in renewable energy, the U.S. should also make it a top priority. Today, there are over 130 corporations that have made the commitment to go 100% renewable through the RE100 initiative. Tetra Pak has jumped on board with the RE100 initiative to reach 100 percent renewable energy. As a multinational packing giant, Tetra Pak has a massive impact on the environment.

Tetra Pak explained that their renewable energy has grown from 20 percent in 2016 to 50 percent today. Tetra Pak, which specializes in providing high-quality processing and packaging solutions for food, has factories in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and South Africa that all use 100% renewable energy. They have committed to going 100% renewable by 2030 and have progressed towards this goal by installing solar power infrastructure at their facilities and purchasing International Renewable Energy Certificates. This approach is in line with their mission to maintain a commitment to being socially responsible.

Tetra Pak’s vice president for sustainability, Mario Abreu, stated, “Through the purchase of renewable energy certificates, we are investing in the development of infrastructure to increase the availability of renewable electricity. Meanwhile, we are also exploring opportunities to scale up our own on-site solar power installations.”

What is an International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)?

An International Renewable Energy Certificate keeps track of the energy that companies consume outside of North America and Europe to ensure that it comes from renewable energy sources. This is a global standard that is being introduced around the world, and in countries where nothing like this previously existed. This is a way for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their sustainability ratings across the board.

Embracing Renewable Energy

Several global companies are investing time and money into reducing their carbon footprint. RE100 is a collaborative global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity that unites more than 130 corporations working to increase corporate demand for – and the delivery of- renewable energy. Ikea, Apple, Coca-Cola, eBay and Facebook are among many of the companies that are a part of this initiative. Since the initiative has been launched, it is now being recognized in India, China, the United States and Europe.

The move towards 100% renewable energy is now a global effort.  Intersect Energy,   offers innovative and efficient solutions to help move your company towards a renewable energy future. We are committed to providing analysis, financing and structuring of alternative energy solutions to reduce the environmental impact and maximize savings for companies.  Stay up-to-date with all the happenings at Intersect Energy by following us on LinkedIn!

Fastest Growing Jobs are in Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy Jobs

As Renewable Energy continues to grow in popularity, there are more and more people pursuing careers in the field. According to an article by the Columbian, an increasing number of students are enrolling in the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute, a program offered by the International Air and Hospitality Academy. Students are drawn to the program because of the potential of strong starting wages and the expected growth of renewable energy jobs across the United States.

With more companies pushing towards using clean energy and going green, more employees who specialize in renewable energy are needed. The fastest growing jobs within the renewable energy sector include clean car engineers, sustainable builders, and sustainability professionals. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians are the two fastest growing renewable energy jobs in the United States. Let’s take a deeper look at the increasing need for wind turbine technicians and solar installers as the renewable energy industry continues its rapid growth.

Wind Turbine Technicians

A Wind Turbine Technician is the single fastest-growing occupation in America according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For this profession, you must know how to maintain wind turbines (inspect, diagnose, adjust, repair, etc.). Most wind turbine technicians have attended a technical or community college for 2 years on average. However, obtaining a job in this field does not require a college degree, and has an expected 108% growth rate for its projected 10-year growth.

Solar Installers

Another fast-growing occupation within the renewable energy industry is solar installation. With solar energy expanding at an exponential rate, there is an increased need for installers. This trend seems likely to continue with recent reports stating that wind and solar will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020. For young people looking to get started in a rapidly growing industry, solar energy shows great potential.

This is the best time to enter into the solar energy field and become a part of the renewable energy movement. “For the most part, energy efficiency is invisible. But it’s made a huge difference both economically, in jobs, and for the energy sector as a whole,” said Sean O’Leary, a spokesman for the industry. Intersect Energy is your source for the latest news and alerts regarding the Renewable Energy industry. For more information, contact us here!