Wind and Solar: Predicted to be the Fastest Growing Sources of Electricity Over the Next Two Years

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The U.S. has been making substantial strides towards renewable energy goals recent years by pushing out fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable energy. In fact, The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration is predicting that wind and solar will grow 10-17% over the next two years. If these predictions are accurate, wind and solar will be the fastest growing sources of electricity over the next two years.

Wind Is Winning In Renewable Energy

Since it was discovered in 1919, wind energy has come a long way. One major improvement is affordability. The share of total U.S. generation from wind is projected to increase from 7% in 2018 to 9% in 2020, making wind the largest source of renewable energy in the nation. Currently, there is utility-scale wind power installed in 41 states. In 2019, about 11 GW (gigawatts), or 1 billion watts, of wind capacity are scheduled to come online, which is the largest amount of new wind capacity that has been installed since 2012.

Solar Continues To Soar

As prices continue to fall, solar is becoming a cost-effective energy choice for homeowners and business owners alike. It is the most abundant energy source on earth, and it has become the third-largest renewable energy source in the U.S. power sector. In addition, the installation of solar power across the U.S. has increased more than 23 times over the past eight years. In 2019, utility scale power installations are projected at 4 GWac (gigawatt alternating current). Over the next two years, it is projected that almost 9 GWac solar will be installed across the nation.

Investing In A Renewable Energy Future

Renewable energy could possibly exceed coal electricity by 2022. The EIA predicts that coal will begin to fall by 24%. When adding together renewable energy sources that will be used in the U.S., it’s predicted that the U.S. will get 38% of its electricity from clean energy sources in 2020. This is a great step as renewable energy looks to continue to gain ground on fossil fuels.


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Schools Are Jumping On Board With Solar

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With solar on the rise in the U.S., corporations and institutions with huge energy bills have started to realize how much money they can save by switching to solar power. One area where we are seeing great growth is in schools.

In early December, the public schools in Arlington, Virginia decided to implement solar power into schools with a new solar-on-schools 25-year contract. The schools’ solar PV system will include 6,980 panels with a total capacity of 2.5 megawatts of power. Arlington Public Schools (APS) are leading the way for the solar movement and making it easier for neighboring school districts to follow the same path.

Implementing Solar in Schools

This is the largest solar contract in Northern Virginia. The solar power purchase agreement (PPA) will have no capital costs and will save the school district an estimated $4 million in operating costs over the 25-year contract. In addition to the savings, the solar PV arrays will be equipped with an Energy Dashboard, which will allow the students to learn about the impact of solar energy on the environment and in their community.

“This is an important step forward as part of APS’s long-term commitment to conserving energy and providing a cleaner environment for the future of our students,” said Dr. Patrick Murphy, Superintendent, APS. “In addition to substantial cost savings and environmental benefits at no upfront cost to APS, these solar projects provide incredible teaching and learning opportunities for our schools, allowing students to explore energy conservation in action.”

Growing Market for Solar Power

There is a growing market for solar power in the commercial sector due to the low prices and overall savings. Other school districts in the state may follow suit and shift to solar, as by doing this with other school districts they can increase their political influence.


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