Intersect Energy LLC (Intersect) is an on-site energy company.


We have done development for solar, CHP, fuel cell and wind projects. Currently we focus on commercial and industrial solar energy development projects in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.


We provide turnkey service to our customers, from assessment, design, financing, installation and management. We deliver an average of 20% cost savings in energy cost to our clients. Intersect can offer innovative solutions to facility upgrades when paired with a new solar project, at little to no capital cost to our clients.


All Intersect projects are done with the highest quality materials and experienced team of partners to provide the best workmanship and maximize the economic benefits to our clients. Intersect provides services from inception to when energy is on-line. We work with our clients on both a consulting or a development basis.


Do you have interest in lowering your energy costs? Does your facility need to be upgraded to keep up with your efficiency and output? Let Intersect leverage highly desirable Green Energy!