Solar Panel Expansion

  China is the primary source for solar panels worldwide, producing over 60% of the world’s solar photovoltaics (PV). While the PV industry hasn’t completely dodged the impacts of the pandemic, the solar market is expected to achieve record installations and developments in 2020. Trina Solar, one of the leading solar panel manufacturers across the […]

How the Solar Community Has Powered Through a Pandemic

solar community powering through pandemic

COVID-19 has disrupted almost every household, business, and industry across the world. The solar industry has not been spared, suffering massive layoffs, significant project delays, uncertainty, and a downgrade of commercial solar demand. At the beginning of 2020, the global markets were strong. Market predictions were seeing an upward trend for the outlook of solar, […]

$1.5 Trillion Moving Forward Act Includes Climate Change Benefits

  The House Democrats have recently introduced the progressive Moving Forward Act. If signed into law, the $1.5 trillion bill will offer pro-solar and pro-storage benefits while focusing on building new infrastructure in the transportation division. Over the next five years, the bill aims to reimagine the transportation industry by making stand-alone energy store investment […]

How Renewables Could Help Solve Climate Change

  The global pandemic, COVID-19, has sent the federal government into a sort of frenzy. The crisis has forced the government to step up in this time of need and provide incentives to help sustain the U.S. economy. While this is necessary to avoid a depression, it comes at a price—the federal debt amount is […]

New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition’s New Initiative to Electrify Transportation

The New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition (NJCC) has reported a new initiative that could prove major for the electrification of New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure. In March 2020, New Jersey happily saw $20 million in proceeds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). This is the first payout since they rejoined the agreement. This initiative is […]

Pollinator-Friendly Solar Initiatives

  One of the largest and most controversial factors that can potentially disrupt a solar install project is the location. The location is extremely important for likely solar sites and can oftentimes be met with local resistance. Solar cynics like to argue that the site is sitting on potentially productive land as well as the […]

Solar, Wind and Hydropower Renewables Displacing Fossil Fuels During the COVID-19 Crisis

Many states across the country have been forced into mandatory lockdowns due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The lockdowns have significantly lowered air pollution and global emissions are expected to decline by at least 8% this year during the pandemic. In a study conducted by the International Energy Agency, (IEA) their findings suggest that during […]

800 MW of Rooftop Solar Added to the Northeastern United States in 2019

Solar contractors across nine Northeastern states added about 800 MW of small-scale installations in 2019, with New Jersey and New York making up about three-fifths of the total installed capacity. Contractors generally refer to these small scale-installations or rooftop solar panels as installations smaller than one megawatt. In 2020, The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) […]

New Jersey Unveils Master Plan for 14 GW More Solar Energy Through 2035 and Beyond

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is making a pledge to fight climate change in his 290-page document that outlines the state’s master energy plan. This extensive plan includes electrification initiatives that call for more solar charging vehicles and solar heating buildings. The master plan has a goal of 17 GW of solar by 2035, and […]

Renewable Energy Predictions for 2020

2019 saw an abundance of clean energy dominance in the United States. From 11 states having a 100% commitment or achievement to clean energy to solar and solar battery storage prices becoming more and more affordable throughout the country, clean, renewable energy is here to stay. With that being said, we’re looking to the future. […]