Solar Industry Booming on Local Levels

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Solar power has become increasingly popular throughout the country in recent years. Solar energy has created major competition for fossil fuels, and it is a key element in improving air quality and sustainability in the energy industry. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that by 2020 the price of energy production in large solar power plants could fall to around three US cents per kWh. On a local level, states like California, Massachusetts and New Jersey are just a few of the states that are moving towards 100% clean energy. Let’s take a further look at the steps these states are taking.

Solar in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a community solar pilot program is expected to bring great economic benefit to the state. This program will bring $797.9 million in local economic benefits. This is a three-year pilot program that will be permanently implemented after 36 months. 

Solar in California

California is quickly moving towards a clean electric grid, after governor Brown signed a bill in September to speed up the transition. The bill requires the state to source 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 with the goal of implementing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Solar in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is launching a new solar program called the SMART program. This will add 1,600 MW of solar capacity to the state’s energy portfolio. Although the Massachusetts solar market was stalled for the past two years, the hope is that this program will help them get back on track.

Solar Across the U.S.

The Global Strategy Group has released a poll that found more than three-quarters of voters want to see their electric utilities providers invest in more solar energy. Solar was the most favored form of electricity among the individuals who were polled. “Democrats, Republicans and Independents all said, everything being equal, they would vote against a politician who opposed solar power,” said Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) president and CEO, Abigail Ross Hopper.

What We are Doing to Help

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Northeastern Solar Power Increased During The Heat Wave

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Northeastern Solar Power This Summer

Northeastern Solar PowerThe summer has come to an end, but the heat wave in New England and the Northeast last month has created some ground-breaking records for solar power. The heat wave in New England and the Northeast lasted a week, allowing solar power to save $30 million in wholesale electricity costs because of lowered demand during it’s typical midday peak. With savings this large, regions across the country have began the shift toward solar.

During the heatwave, solar power provided 15% of total electricity in New England. New England ISO explained, “Solar generation peaked each day at around 2 p.m. during the heat wave, providing approximately 2,000 MW. Solar contributes to the reduction in the peak load and also contributes to moving the peak that we see here at ISO New England to that 5 to 6 p.m. time frame.” Homes and businesses were getting their electricity through solar power which lowered the demand from the regional power systems by about 2,000 MW.

In recent months, solar power now makes up more than 10% of electricity in five states! Massachusetts is one of the states that has joined California, Hawaii, Nevada and Vermont in this group. Solar power in Massachusetts has grown 34% each year and is expected to grow continuously each year. In the U.S., the west coast is leading the country when it comes to the application and pursuit of solar energy. California has the highest generation growth in the first half of 2018 at 20%.

Overall, solar in the United States in the first half of 2018 has grown 28%, which is 2.4% of all electricity generation. In turn, coal generation has fallen 6% each year. Although solar has become more affordable, accessible and is the cleanest domestic energy source available, it still has a long way to go before it meets its full potential in the U.S..

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